Can I Deliver My Baby in the United States

Yes you can deliver your baby in Arizona here at Holy Cross Hospital.

This is a common question that patients coming from Sonora or other parts of Mexico have.

Dr Saucedo has been taking care of patients from Mexico for 22 years and we are proud of our relationship with the people from Mexico. Patients are required to have proper documentation such as a Visa or Green Card, and a document provided by our office, stating you are a patient and what day and time your appointment is at. We have never had a patient unable to cross the border and have her baby.

We look forward to helping you, please call 520-287-2257
Which hospitals does Dr. Saucedo deliver at?

Dr. Saucedo delivers babies at Holy Cross Hospital in Nogales Arizona, this hospital is very safe and has 24 hour anesthesia and pediatrics to take care of your baby. We are located 300 yards from the hospital and can respond to emergencies quickly.

We also deliver in Tucson at Banner University Hospital, Tucson Medical Center and St Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson.

We look forward to helping you, please call 520-287-2257
"Having my baby in America was great and Dr Saucedo is awesome."
— Maria from Sonora Mexico
Ultrasound of Your Baby

Does Dr. Saucedo do ultrasounds in his office?

Yes, Dr. Saucedo does ultrasounds with every prenatal visit, this service is included in your package cost. Patients can record the ultrasound on their phones or take photos. We try to provide 4D photos if your baby cooperates. Ultrasounds help us watch how your baby is growing, how the amniotic fluid levels are and the health of the placenta. These are all important ways we make sure you have the healthiest baby possible. Please call us with questions or to book your appointment

Please call us with questions 520-287-2257

Does Dr. Saucedo accept lab results from Mexico?

Yes we accept most lab results from Mexico. We do ask patients to do Group Beta Strep cultures at the hospital near the end of the pregnancy so the results are in the hospital system and the cost is around $42.00 dollars.

Please call us with questions 520-287-2257
Lab Results